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PestPro 4-Month Protection Against Flying Pests.

Say Goodbye to Pests with Fruit Fly BarPro - The Ultimate 4 Month Protection Against Flies, Cockroaches, Mosquitos & More!

- Safe and non-toxic: The Fruit Fly BarPro is made with a non-toxic formula that is safe for use around people and pets. This is a great alternative to chemical sprays or traps that can be harmful to your health.
- Versatile: The Fruit Fly BarPro is not limited to indoor use. It can also be used outdoors to protect your patio, deck, or other outdoor living spaces from pests. This makes it a great all-around solution for pest control.

Fruit Fly BarPro is a revolutionary pest control solution that offers 4 months of protection against flies, cockroaches, mosquitos, and other pests. Unlike traditional fly traps, this product is not only effective indoors but also outdoors. It is an excellent alternative to fly traps that can be messy and unhygienic. The Fruit Fly BarPro is better than a fly trap as it eliminates pests without the need for any additional equipment or maintenance. It is also better than mosquito zappers that can harm beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. With Fruit Fly BarPro, you can enjoy a pest-free environment without any hassle or harm.